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After doing the appropriate research I came to the conclusion that the best and safest way to slalom ski is with a rubber binding and a RTP.

Here is a list of the last world slalom champions for the past 20 years. They all won with a single binding, except for Jeff Rogers and Freddy Winter. 

2017 Freddy Winter*

2015 Nate Smith

2013 Nate Smith

2011 Thomas Degasperi

2009 Will Asher

2007 Thomas Degasperi

2005 Will Asher

2003 Jeff Rogers*

2001 Andy Mapple

1999 Andy Mapple

1997 Andy Mapple

1995 Andy Mapple

 Plus the world record holder Nate Smith (2.5 @ 43 off (9.75mts) 9o recorte). Was with ruber front boot and RTP. 

I’m not a big fan of hard shell boots. They have too many parts and they are not 100% reliable. I have seen many accidents with hard shells: 

My feeling is that even though they are super comfortable, they are so rigid and sensible. I compare them to driving a F1 car. Unfortunately to drive a F1 car you need a perfect track and when we water ski it is common to encounter rough conditions. 

This is the D3 T factor

I consider it the best boot in the market. It has great lateral support, it’s angled forward to help you be more on top of the front foot, it's safer than hard shell, but it’s also a bit dangerous specially for skiers less than 6ft tall and bellow 39 off, it’s very comfortable. 

At the moment Nicolas is using D3 Black Leverage.

It's an improve Wileys.

+ more Confortable,

+ super SAFE,

+ tall rubber ,

- but it's missing some lateral support. Which is great, because it will make you work on your balance. 

By Arturo Nelson

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Sorry about my spelling and grammar.  

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