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The new slalom skis are very light and fast. So every little adjustment on the binding placement or on the fin makes a big difference. You need to be aware that when slalom skiers are running over 35 off they need to create twice the speed of the boat, decelerate with out loosing control and balance, turn and accelerate again six times in 16.08 seconds in 259 meters.

The water pressure generated on a fin is comparable the pressure of the wind in a sail of a race sail boat of the American cup. So imagine cutting the sail, moving it forward, bigger of smaller, the sail boat will perfume completely different. The same with a slalom ski.

If we set a slalom course on the grown and we try to run it with a car, motorcycle, etc. I don’t think it will be possible to run it faster than a slalom skier.

The reason I tell you all this is to let you know that small movements (.020 of an inch) can make big difference.

You will need an 8 inch long caliper and some wing angles.

Always before moving your fin measure it so you will have a point of reference. This is how I do my control:

DATE: April 5, 2005 SKI HO: Monza 67” SERIAL NUMBER: # 1077 BEST SCORE: 3 at 39 off WING ANGLE: 9 WING POSITION: Up side down BINDING POSITION: One hole back FIN LENGHT: 6.785 FIN DEPTH: 2.510 FIN DISTANCE FROM TAIL: .715

3. I like to think of the ski as a sail boat. So if I feel I’m braking forward on my of side (1, 3, and 5 right foot forward) I decrease fin length. Imagine a sail boat with a very big sail in the front it will be sailing with a lot of tip in the water.*Most of the factories have a control of all their high level skis where they have the flex patterns. In case you want to order a new one with similar flex patterns.

4. If the ski is wilyng like bronco Billy then I will do the opposite. Ad tip to the fin.

5. If you want to have more angle across the wakes then you need more fin.

6. If the ski is turning to slow you need to decrees fin depth. Imagine the sail boat with a very big fin. This will let him lean a lot (have a lot of angle) but it will turn very slow.

7. If you need the ski to turn faster on your on side (2, 4 and 6 for right foot forward) you need to move the fin forward.

8. If the ski is overturning move the fin backward or increase fin depth.

9. There are many different ways to measure a fin. So when ever you want to compare the numbers on your fin with some one else you need to know how they measure it.

It can be measure with the tips of the caliper (figure a), or with the caliper flat on the ski (figure B).

You need to be careful because many skis now have a little step on the tail of the ski, causing you to have a different measure than old skis, Because the caliper is not touching the bottom of the ski.

(figure a)

(figure b)

It can be measured with the front of the caliper or with the tail of the caliper.

(with the front)


When you are skiing your best measure your fin. SO in case it moves you know where it was. Measure your fin periodically and check so you know it’s tight.

Protect your fin when you are traveling on air planes or buses, and check your measurements when you get there.

Never step on your fin when putting your bindings on the dock or on the back of the boat.


Setting up your bindings is even more important than your fin. This will give you the balance over the ski.

I don’t recommend moving your bindings forward from the factory setting. The closer you are to the fin the more you will be able to aim the ski. But if you are to far back you won’t be able to decelerate.

I like to have both feet almost touching each other, some skiers like to have them one hole separate. The only ways to know this is trying, but remember one movement at a time. All this tips are based on my personal experience and no scientific prove. I have tried many different numbers and measurements. And I have adjust many skis for many different skiers..

There aren’t any right numbers that will work for everyone. We all ski different so we are all different.

You need to have in main that technology is there to help us and that is why so many skiers are improving. Because they know how to take advantage of the technology.

The ski should do what we want, and not the opposite. You never know how much advantage you can get from the ski if you don’t try new settings. You just need to be careful when and how to move your settings.

If you need more assistance on setting your ski please feel free to contact me:

Arturo Nelson 001 786 312 75 20

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