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Stop the buoy count and go out and play on your ski!

Long long time ago. I saw my friend and one of the most talented skiers in the world “George Renosto”, finish a slalom tournament and when he was getting to the dock, attempted a back flip on his slalom. He didn't landed, because the boat was slowing down, but I knew he was able to do it.

I got back from the tournament and try it until I landed.

Ufff I had some bad falls. It took me a while and lots of pain to figure out the speed and rope length.

Thankfully it’s in video (gracias Chapoy’s family)

There are some crazy race slalom skiers in Australia @launchnfreeski

Follow them! They do flips, side slides, BIG jumps, 360’s, etc.

Slalom is not only about chasing buoys, it’s about having fun, and time over the ski.

Get out of the slalom course at least once every 10 sets.

Hope to ski u soon!

(If you can help me with the spelling and grammar, I will edit the text)


Arturo Nelson

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