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Valle with Nate Smith

Nate Smith @ Valle

I consider my self a big fan of Nate Smith.

I think he skis better than anyone else. And numbers don’t lie.

Only these skiers have run 41 off in tournament @ 36 mph:

1. Jeff Rodgers - 1997

2. Andy Mapple - 1998

3. Jamie Beauchesne - 2003

4. Chris Parrish - 2005

5. Will Asher - 2008

6. Thomas Degasperi - 2009

7. Nate Smith - 2010

9. Jon Travers - 2012

10. Freddie Winter - 2014

11. Corey Vaughn - 2015

12. Robert Pigozzi - 2018

*Ben Favret - 2002 - Boat Path Issue

Nate Smith has ran 41off more than 100 times and has made it to buoy #3 @ 43 off. (9.75 mts).

*There are (36.9 ft) (11.25) mts from the center of the slalom course to the buoy. 

I’ve been following him for a few years.

Probably I have seen more videos of him skiing than of my kids.

I have studied his technic and equipment to a point that I scared him.

My initial ideas was to invite him to a handicap tournament that I had organized a couple of times before.

But unfortunately I couldn’t find enough judges to make it Record Capability.

So I invited him to Ski for a weekend @ Valle, and to do a video with an interview. (Which I’m not good at) 

"Sorry about my English."

Arturo Nelson

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