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Slalom Waterski Land Practice

There aren’t many other ways to practice slalom without actually waterskiing behind a boat…

So we came up with this land exercises that helps a lot with your balance and muscle memory.

Easy to do it before skiing or during your offseason.

Tie your handle to another rope to a pole or tree. Do not make it longer than 2 meters (6.5 ft) or sorter than 1.50 Mts (5ft)

Use your gloves or your shoes to know how wide you will move (buoys) 

¨Walk¨ from side to side. Making sure you get to the ¨buoy¨ BALANCE in the front foot.

Initiate the movement with your inner leg, keeping your shoulders horizontal, and 45 degrees to the ¨boat¨

Get the feeling that you are using the rope to SWING VS fighting the boat. 

It looks easier than it is. It will take some practice, but its worth it! 

Make sure you keep the rope tight.

Feel free to email me for questions, spelling and grammar suggestions. 

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