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Tricks Basics

Tricking is the most important part of waterskiing. It will help your balance get better 5 times faster. It will help you learn how to use your legs. It's a lot easier on your body. Yes you will fall. It will probably hurt, but it will be very hard to get injured. It's better to fall at 18 mph VS 28 mph. 

I recommend tricking at least once every 4 slalom sets. 

Learn to clear wake to wake jumps both sides. 

Always make your deep water starts with one leg.

Learn how to do a Side Slide and Reverse (90 degrees) 

Lear how to do a Back and Reverse (180) 

Learn how to ride backwards and cross the wakes (slowly) 

Learn hot to do a dock start.

All of this will make you a better skier!

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