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We love water skiing and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do.

To do so we will like to give you some safety tips so you can enjoy with out accidents.

Boat Propeller

The boat is a big Motorizevehicle moved by a 14 inch (aprox)

4 blade propeller (extremely sharp) with out brakes.

Tips for Driving a Boat :

It’s very important and should be mandatory that all passengers should be seated INSIDE the boat when the boat is out of neutral position.

Many skiers or passengers tend to seat on the edge of the boat. This is a very dangerous place, because you can fall in any second.

Never stand on the platform when the boat is in reverse. The skier can fall, the swim platform can break, etc. And the propeller is just inches away moving at 100s of RPM’s

Engine off Vs Engine Neutral :

If you can turn the engine off its better than living it on neutral. It’s very easy to step on the throttle by accident and make the boat move with out control. If you want to swim make sure the boat is off. Neutral position is not enough. Every time the drivers leaves the seat, the boat should be turned off. When picking up a skier turn the engine off.

boat into the trees

Fortunately no one got hurt, but someone push the throttle causing the boat to go with out control into the trees

If your driving is exiting then your driving is dangerous.


Always drive with control.

As I explained earlier, the boat has no breaks, so if you are not use to driving a boat, idle out to an open areo and practice with out skiers.

Always pick up the skier on the drivers side. This way you will be watching him at all times.

Make sure the rope is tight , everyone seated and wait for the skier to tell you hit it, before accelerating.


The rope can be one of the most dangerous part of equipments.

When a skiers is crossing the wakes the tension on the rope can be over 500 lbs

Many people like to play with the rope by pulling on it. This can be very dangerous because if a finger or a hand will get caught it can strangle it or cut it.

If your driving is exiting then your driving is dangerous.Always leave the rope alone, and if you shorten the rope, place the remaining sections far away from passengers. Because the rope can break and hit or tow one of the passengers.

When slalom skiing use a shock tube. This will help absorb the tension on the rope, stopping the handle from popping back to the boat, and hitting the driver or passengers.

Make sure your rope and handle has no knots and it’s in good shape, if it breaks while skiing you can really get hurt or you can hurt someone in the boat

Caused by a slalom rope

This boat driver was strangled by a slalom rope because they weren’t using a shock tube.

Always use a life vest when skiing. Even is you are trick skiing you should wear one. Now days there are some life vest that don’t interfere at all with your movements and they can save you in case of a bad fall.

Diego “el enano” Reyes

Performing a TWBB with a an ONeill Gooru Life Vest

Never let anyone drag from the swim platform. The engine boat produces carbon monoxide, that can cause you to faint after inhaling it.

When finished skiing always bring the rope in, this will prevent you from running over it, or someone else. Witch can cause a serious accident.

Always have someone else besides the boat driver as an observer. Bring a cell phone with you in the boat. Know where the closes place to take an injured skier. Always bring an extra USCG approved life vest in the boat.

Before starting your boat open the engine cover or at least turn on the blower.

The difference between a boat engine and a car engine, is that the boat engine is completely covered so the gas fumes can get stuck in the engine compartment. Gas fumes, plus heat plus a spark = ex- plosion.

Get to know your water ways, to make sure there aren’t any shallow places or obstacles that can hurt your boat or skiers.

Keep a safe distance behind preceding boats and do not follow directly behind a skier Always let a boat with a skier go 

Launching a Boat:

When launching a boat you should be extra careful with your vehicle and the boat. Here are 3 tips you should always fallow:

1. Only the driver may be in the launching vehicle while on the ramp. 2. The driver side window must be completely open and seat belt off

3. After the launching vehicle has lowered the boat into the water, place the launching vehicle in park and set the parking break.

Sorry about my english

Viva Mexico!

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