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Boat manufacturers during the 2008 recession changed from a 100% ski boat (19.5 ft) to a +20 ft open bow/ family/ ski boat.

+ lengh = + volume = + engines = + gas consumption = ++ increase in prices 


20% lighter 

It drives from the center, for a better experience in the slalom course. 

It fits the driver and 2 passengers on the sides.

Double gas tank (one on each side of the engine, connected in the middle) for better weight distribution = better wake and acceleration 

5.3 L engine H5 355 Hp and 405 Lb. ft.

400 rpm less at the same speed = engine will last longer 

+20% less gas consumption 

Zero Off

Sure Path*

Great sun protection* 

Super smooth wake and great driving. 

starting at $79,000 usd 

* optionals  

Will be certified to drive on IWSF tournaments.

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