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How to get good at waterskiing by Joe Poland

Get Coaching- Don't wait to get better to get coaching. Get coaching to get better. Let someone point you in the right direction before you get all the bad habits. If you have bad habits even more important to get coaching. They can probably give you some ways to eliminate these habits. GET COACHING! 

Be ready to slap face- Waterskiing is HARD!! If you wanna be king you gotta go through a few battles. Taking edges and eating shit are part of the process. If you are worried of what could go wrong, then you will never get it right. Don{t ski stupid, but put the effort in and be committed to what you are working on. BE RADY TO SLAP FACE!

Get Consistency- Now you probably already now this one. But let me explain what I mean. Consistency isn{t skiing 5 times a week. It's skiing the same day every week. Behind the same boat, at the same lake. If you are always changing the variables how do you expect to get any consistency in your skiing? - GET CONSISTENCY

Put the effort in off the water- If you only think about what you need to do when you get on the dock and your warm up is swinging your arms 3 times. What are you doing dude... take 10-20 minutes before you ski to move your body and think about what your are gonna do. You have 15 minutes to ski. Don't waste 7 minutes figuring out what's going on. Play with a handle, take a slow jog. Remember what makes you ski well and say it 100 times so it's engraved in to your brain- PUT THE EFFORT IN OFF THE WATER.

Joe Poland just broke the world overall record! Which means he is the best waterskier in history. Follow him in instagram @joapoland

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