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First Steps On The Slalom Course

The most important thing to ski is to be healthy.

For this I always recommend before skiing to warm up MINIMUM 10 minutes.

To stay healthy and continue improving what is needed is TECHNIQUE. Otherwise we will reach a limit very quickly. To have technique the position and balance are super important.

1. You are going to start your day with a free skiing.

Free skiing is the soul of slalom. It is SUPER IMPORTANT.

You are going to start "narrow" Practically from Spray to Spray.

And little by little you will be achieving more amplitude.

If you start to loosen the rope (Slak) = Stop and start again.

ALL the time watching the Pylon (where the rope is tied)

ALL the time watching the Pylon includes while cruising the wakes!

Make about 10 cuts wake to wake at 46 km / h

2. You will run 1 and 6  WITH GATES

It is NOT valid stopping to pass the gates.

If you do not pass the course, repeat it, repeat and open later and / or enter later so that you can run it.

2,3,4 and 5 inside but very close. Shadowing the buoys

Working hard in your position.

BALANCE = to be 80% of the weight on the front foot

That the shoulders are horizontal to the water

Straight head

Looking ahead


It is better to jump the ski (horizontal to the water) than to absorb. In fact it is good that it jumps and you are going to need it when we get to the second cut / 22 off.

Relaxed legs and 80% of the weight on the front foot during the turns.

3. 1,2,5 and 6

One time with optional gates and the second time with GATES. Working in your position, balance and that the rope is tense. All these passes at 46 km / h

4. Pass ALL the course at 43 km / h

The first time with optional gates ALL the others with GATES. The objective of slalom is to create space between you and the buoy! May you go earlier. That at 6 you arrive EASILY. Because you were improving each crossing and each lap.

5. If you run it twice in a row you speed it up to 46 km/h 

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